Leave Unwanted Stumps to Us

Come to us for hazardous stump grinding services in Dallas, TX

Stumps shouldn't be a part of your landscape. If you have unwanted stumps on your property, Keller Tree Service in Dallas, TX can help. We offer hazardous stump grinding services for stumps of all sizes. Our expert will grind the stump below ground level and can fill the hole to make it look like there was never anything there. You can then have us plant any new shrubs, trees or other plants to cover the space completely.

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Why do you need stump grinding services?

Why do you need stump grinding services?

After removing a tree, you'll have to deal with the stump that gets left behind. Stump grinding is important to:

  • Prevent regrowth after the tree has been cut down
  • Clear space for replanting
  • Remove a tripping hazard
Once we complete your hazardous stump grinding job, we can provide shrub planting services or any other planting services. Our professional can plant new shrubs, trees or flower beds on your property. Speak to our owner today about our shrub planting services.