Dispense Of Your Old Stumps in Dallas, TX

You can count on us for professional stump removal work

When it's time to get rid of the stumps on your property, let our expert help. Keller Tree Service in Dallas, TX is equipped for professional stump removal jobs. We'll remove your old stump completely, fill and fertilize the hole and plant something new to replace it if you wish.

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3 reasons why you should hire a professional

3 reasons why you should hire a professional

When you need stump removal services, it's essential to find a professional. Pulling out stumps can damage your property if not done correctly. You could end up with:

  1. A damaged irrigation system
  2. Cracked or raised concrete
  3. Foundation damage
Disturbing the earth around your home by excavating root systems can impact your foundation, utilities and more without the right approach. Our professional stump removal expert will do everything possible to prevent these kinds of problems. Ask about our stump removal services today.