How Can You Get Your Trees Under Control?

Turn to us for tree branch trimming services in Dallas, TX

Falling tree branches can cause serious damage to your property if left alone. Instead of ignoring the hazardous branches hanging over your home, turn to Keller Tree Service in Dallas, TX. With our hazardous tree branch removal services, we can assess your trees for any dangerous branches and remove them efficiently and safely.

Contact us now to have the widow-maker branches on your property removed.

Trimming branches on any part of your property

Trimming branches on any part of your property

Branches can reach all over your property and cause problems in many different ways. You'll have to get tree branch trimming services to eliminate branches over your:

  • Sidewalk
  • Street or highway
  • Home, business or other nearby buildings
With our tree branch trimming services, we can remove any hazardous trees that could damage your property. We also prune branches on older trees that may have diseases and can trim shrubs to create a cleaner look for your property. Schedule your hazardous tree branch removal services today to clean up your trees.